ProSys System with CMX Integration

ProSys automatic filling and closing systems can be configured with our Colormix technology for dosing and blending a Base product and Additive(s). The CMX system is fully integrated into the fill station and control platform on any ProSys model for Cartridges, Tubes, Syringes, Air-Less Pumps, Bottles or Custom containers.

  • SERVO driven Base Product & Additive  dosing with recipe saving & recall.
  • Fast additive & color changeovers.
  • Additives = catalyst, pigment, slurry, flavorings etc.
  • Process flowrange of 6 to 12 GPM.
  • Flowmeter confirmation.
  • Just in time production.
  • Allows custom batching.
  • Additives Ratios from 1:1 to 1000:1=0.1% to 50%
  • Short Custom Color Production Runs
  • High Precision Color Accuracy
  • Extended Pot Life for Base Product
  • Increased Yield
  • Allows Catalyzing Reaction to Build Viscosity After Packaging
  • Slurry or Suspension Particulate Size to 0.04” or 1 mm Diameter
  • Variable Number of Static Mix Elements

Other ColorMix Options

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