Custom (CMX) Processing System

The ProSys Custom Mix Processing System (CMX) will blend color dispersion, catalyst or any unique ingredient into your base product “On Demand” and inline with your filling system. Our CMX system is ideal for sealants, adhesives, pastes, greases, cosmetics, pharmaceuticals or consumer products.

Color Mix Technology

Custom Mix (CMX) System Overview

The ProSys Custom Mix Processing System (CMX) is an “On Demand” inline manufacturing process. The CMX system allows manufacturing to produce a Base Product in large volume and then process smaller volumes of final products by blending in different additives to the base product. Our CMX system saves product, labor, space and time which all equal savings.

Custom Mix (CMX) Pod

The ProSys Custom Mix (CMX) Pod is a standalone “On Demand” inline system for automatic mixing of a base material and additives. Featuring Servo driven Base Product & Additive dosing with a process flowrate of 6 to 12 gallons per minute. The CMX POD can be adapted to feed any existing filling machinery or production line.

Color Mix Filling System

ProSys System with Custom Mix (CMX) Integration

ProSys automatic filling and closing systems can be configured with our Custom Mix technology for dosing and blending a Base product and Additive(s). The “On Demand” inline CMX system is fully integrated into the fill station and control platform on any ProSys model for Cartridges, Tubes, Syringes, Airless Pumps, Bottles or unique containers.

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