Product Supply Systems

cone hopper product supply

Cone Hopper

ProSys Cone Hoppers are supplied for gravity feeding products to the metering valve of the filling machine. Products being fed in this manner are generally light or medium viscosities and are self-leveling.

Drum, Herb & Pail Presses

The ProSys Drum and Pail Presses are for feeding product to any filler from 55 gallon drums and 5 gallon pails. Features include Simple Operator Controls, Quick Product Changeovers and Simple Product Transfers.

drum press product supply

 surge chamber product supply

Pressure Feed Systems

ProSys Surge Chambers or Pressure Reservoirs are used with pump fed or viscous applications. Designed for closed loop product delivery and to minimize pressure & flow surge that is created with pump fed applications.

Transfer Pumps

ProSys is an authorized distributor of Lincoln Drum Pump Systems for product supply to feed products from pails, 55 gallon drums or tanks. We offer a complete line of Lincoln performance proven pumps for your product needs.

transfer pump product supply

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