Why Servo Filling Technology?

Our volumetric filling system utilizes SERVO drive systems to control the main filling structure, achieving high accuracy and consistent repeatability. The systems’ program instructs the servo piston speed and stroke distance to precisely control the dosing amount. The servo system reduces the margin of error for volume accuracy to nearly zero increasing efficiency and reducing production waste.

Filling accuracy significantly reduces product giveaway for increased savings. Our exclusive servo control system coupled with the vertical movement of the product metering piston also provides long term energy savings and effectively reduces machine load rate. Contact ProSys for a free estimate of your savings delivered by a ProSys Filling System.

Our automatic filling systems paired with our vast servo filling experience are designed for our customers specific industries. The personalized control panel is easy to use and offers effective result management through the production monitoring on the PLC.

Many of our first servo systems are still in production, they are built to last and run continuously without faltering in their speed and accuracy.

Our systems have built in flexibility in structure and function. Recipe saving and recall stores hundreds of product specifications allowing for a variety of products and containers. The servo motors and our tool-free release system simplifies station changeover for increased labor savings.


  • Positive Displacement – Volumetric Dosing
  • SERVO Electronic Adjustments
  • Programmable Control of the Fill Profile
  • Recipe Saving and Recall
  • Highly Viscous Products up to 3 Million CPS
  • High Speed Filling
  • Precision and Flexibility
  • Easily Configured for Various Products and Containers
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