LB 150 & 300 Lip Balm Filler – to 300 Per Minute

Automatic hot melt filling line to fill, cool and cap lip balm sticks at a machine cycle rate of up to 300 PPM.

Utilizing unique heated filling heads that have a proven track record of accuracy and repeatability that is critical in filling lip balm tubes. Positive displacement filling is the most accurate filling method, and when you pair it with our servo technology, you get the best performance possible.


Fully Automated from Fill to Finish
Smallest Footprint in the Industry
Repeatable and Accurate Fill Volumes
Optional In-Line Labeling Station
Tooling Available for .15oz as well as .25oz and .5oz
Automated Stick Sortation and Puck Loading
Optional Elevator Position In-spection to Prevent Overspills
Positive Displacement Heated Filling Heads
Cooling Tunnel and Re-Melting Station
Automated Cap Sortation and Capping
Automated De-Pucking Station
Optional In-Line Labeling Station


Reduced Labor Cost Per Piece
Consistent Quality
Higher Production Volumes

LB300 Lip Balm Filler – 300 Per Minute

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