Unit Dose Tube Filling

RT40/60 Unit Dose Speeds to 60 Per Minute

RT140 Unit Dose Speeds to 120 Per Minute

ProTrac Unit Dose Speeds to 300 Per Minute

  • Features:
  • Metal, Plastic or Laminate Tubes
  • Fully Automatic Tube Filling & Closing
  • Servo Driven Fill Station (RT60, RT140), Recipe Saving & Recall
  • Service and On-Line Support via Ethernet/Modem
  • Optional Sanitary Fill Station
  • Clean Room Installations
  • Optional Explosion Proof Controls (Class 1 Division 1 & 2, ATEX 0 & 1)
  • Pharmaceuticals, Cosmetics, Sealants & Adhesives, Grease & Food Products
  • Plastic & Laminate Tubes
  • Hot Air Sealing Technology
  • Custom Profile Seal & Trim Available
  • Metal Tubes
  • Metal Crimp/Double Fold or Saddle Fold
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