CMX System Overview

Custom Mix (CMX) Processing System

The ProSys Custom Mix (CMX) System is an “On Demand” inline manufacturing process. The CMX system allows manufacturing to produce a Base Product in large volume and then process smaller volumes of final products by blending in up to 12 different additives to the base product.

Synchronized Dosing of a BASE product and Additive(s)

  • Dosing Technology= Volumetric Metering- Cylinder Diameter & Piston Stroke deliver high accuracy and repeatable results = +/- ¼ %.
  • Products are blended via simple Static Mixers.
  • Flowmeter Confirmation: PD & Mass Flowmeters are available options to confirm actual dose volume to control system.

BASE PRODUCTS: viscosities up to 3 million centipoise, including Creams, Lotions, Pastes, Liquids & Abrasive Slurries.

  • Adhesives
  • Cosmetics
  • Chemicals
  • Dentifrice Pastes
  • Pharmaceuticals
  • Sealants & Caulks
  • Greases

ADDITIVES: Ratios from 1:1 to 1000:1= 0.1% to 50%

  • Pigmenting; addition of a color dispersion or dye. The CMX system can blend pigment into the base material to create a range of shades or unique colors, offering short custom color production runs and simplified changeover.
  • Catalyst – The CMX system can blend a catalyst into the base material to finalize a formulation. Extends pot life for base product and also allows catalyzing reaction to build viscosity after packaging.
  • Flavoring – blend a flavor into the base material to customize a formulation. On the fly % variability of flavor and fast product changeover.
  • Slurries or Suspensions – CMX system can blend a viscous additive into the base material. Particulate size to 0.04” or 1 mm diameter.

CMX Pump


CMX Integration

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